Monday, January 4, 2010

Welding Gloves What Is Chipping Hammer & Also Welding Gloves?

What is chipping hammer & also welding gloves? - welding gloves

The tools used to remove welding slag and to protect the arms and hands to spatter.

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justme said...

A hammer is like cutting a small sample that is used to remove the foam to lose "after welding. A head is a point, the other head is a wedge-shaped
The gloves are thick leather gloves with long sleeves, welding, sparks, hot to stop the burning of the hands and wrists.

chopsaw said...

The gloves are usually made of leather and reach your arms around 10 "up against sparks and welding arcs to protect. Chisel hammer is a tool shaped chisel, you made an instrument for a rattle to undermine more than anything else ... ... a breach by welding or concrete surplus. I hope this helps.

jjnsao said...

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