Saturday, January 9, 2010

Various Waxing Pictures How Can I Prolong A Waxing?

How can I prolong a waxing? - various waxing pictures

Each time the wax (lip, arms and eyebrows), the hair usually grows back in a week or two. I wax microwave for most, but achieve the same results with different brands of test strips. When we first started waxing, the hair does not grow back for a good six weeks. Is this a problem with the wax, I, I am increasingly rare species of tolerance, or is it just a matter of necessity to do it professionally done?


Heather said...

Your hair grows in three cycles. If the wax and cut into one of the first phase, others will follow shortly. I think if your hair is one quarter of an inch, are starting all cylces growing. So this is the best time to wax.

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