Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mallard Cove Please Help!!! I Have Been Living In Mallard Cove Apts Since May 2009 And Have Been Having Problems Everyday.?

Please Help!!! I have been living in Mallard Cove apts since May 2009 and have been having problems everyday.? - mallard cove

Help please! I lived in apartments Mallard Cove since May 2009 and was day to day problems. I have 2 neighbors that are now much and constantly slam their doors day and night. I have several complaints in writing with the date and time with the 3rd our management team. Yes, since May 2009 Head of the 3rd we had to deal with JVC homes in Chicago and wrote such a letter. I pay my rent on time and date. It seems that after the complaint aggravated by the noise, I called the police too, but thats a temp. fix. I want to break my contract, I can not live like this, months for more 8th Well, my alarm goes out all night, but did no damage to him. I can not pay $ 3220 for the remaining term of the lease. Is there someone I can get advice? Oh, and by the way in which Mallard Cove is in the news, because the Ministry of Health, said that the mold in several homes as well as mine, I can speak to the inspector Tuesday 10/6/09. I'm really tired, always startsmy dream with the sound of the door and keep running and jumping around 3 children.


Ed Atun said...

Not be allowed in most cases to move his contract and break. This does not seem right. Their "quality of life is affected by problems around you about it. The leases are to believe much more restrictive than most. Therefore, it is important that your" homework "in advance. In conversation with the neighbors before signing the lease.

You have 2 options. Call Judge Judy TV show. Judge Judy is very resistant to the owners that "independent." (I do not know of Judge Judy) work. Otherwise, pay $ 37 for the nearest small claims court. Do you have your day in court. If the judge decides in your favor, you will be immediately released from the apartment. Maybe the management did not even show .... This means that you will win.

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