Saturday, January 30, 2010

Front Liscence Plate Jeep Liberty Mounting What Are The Laws In VA About Liscence Plates?

What are the laws in VA about liscence plates? - front liscence plate jeep liberty mounting

I bought a plate of New York said Princess on it Wanan put on the front or the back of my car, but I do not know if its ok - I can not afford a ticket - that is what happened with that? And when I showed the plate in my trunk real and COP that if more pullled ... OTHE so RPPL seen something in their cars ..


wayfarou... said...

No, Virginia, agrees. A police officer pulls you over will probably give a warning, but give a good meter to a final ticket. VA requires two plates, and are not allowed to cover part of the plate with a sticker or something.

Virginia has a vanity plate - go to the DMV site and see if there a way you can have a tag number, the princess in her new tag says.

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