Sunday, January 10, 2010

House Insurance Northern Ireland Sinkhole (?) By House?

Sinkhole (?) by house? - house insurance northern ireland

mowed last weekend, and I noticed a hole next to the foundation. It is 2.5 inches deep and about 2-3 "in diameter. I see my basement wall, over there! Oh!

1) What could be causing this?
2) Is this something that homeowners insurance may cover?
3) How can I make the repair yourself?

I live in northern Indiana ... not in Florida!


curiousc... said...

Contact someone who is responsible for the Foundation for a preview. He / she must be able to find the most likely cause is that, look around. Make sure the basement wall was not damaged.

Read your contract carefully. Depends on the cause.

Do not attempt this problem themselves, without any idea of what is happening and make sure that your foundation safely be solved.

Tao Barbie said...

When we have a similar depression on the side of the house, which was a broken channel between the house and the sewer main. The depression is caused by water erosion of the surrounding soil. I do not know about their insurance. I think we can fix, if it is within reach. Just dig and replace the pipe. Good luck.

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