Monday, January 25, 2010

Camelbak Gatorade Can I Put Liquids Other Than Water In My Camelbak?

Can I put liquids other than water in my Camelbak? - camelbak gatorade

Can I bring Gatorade or alcohol in my Camelbak?
Gatorade is making it more difficult to clean?
What about alcohol?
"The next thing to drink Camelbak taste like alcohol?
It smells of alcohol or Gatorade?
While it is advisable to put the two in a previous Camelbak: How do I clean for all to get, all tastes, odors and bacteria from them?


obe said...

Sounds like your trying to secretly alcohol from somewhere and then dispose of the evidence.

anonymou... said...

It is very likely, could also put other liquids, but you have to clean a large extent, so we should not try.

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