Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Does Drinking Ice Cold Water Trigger Tonsillitis Why Does Drinking Ice Cold Water Trigger Tonsillitis?

Why does drinking ice cold water trigger tonsillitis? - why does drinking ice cold water trigger tonsillitis

I know that tonsillitis is caused by bacteria / virus. But for people with chronic tonsillitis, like me, it's so simple to make, drink or eat something really cold, I (each time you drink something too cold in less than ') per day. It is interesting that for people who have chronic tonsillitis, which was apparently not true.

Can anyone explain why this is so? Have bacteria / viruses like the cold, or what? Some serious answer please.

Thank you!


SA16 said...

In general, the substance of the cold is not the cause of tonisillitis. They have a chronic inflammation, which means a number of chronic inflammatory cells. Cold water may be the narrowing of blood vessels in the tonsils. When heated again a strong blood flow to them, which makes it go even more inflammatory cells, because you do not go well, almonds or burst.

Best of luck.

Loretta Jane said...

I thought it was just me who experiences them. At that time I had a root beer float in a few hours I had a sore throat worse. Musste go to the emergency room, I thought it would disappear.

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