Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is It Normal To Get Alot Of Mucus Just Before Your Period Is Due Could I Be Pregnent?

Could I be pregnent? - is it normal to get alot of mucus just before your period is due

I had sex about 13 days of my cycle. Shortly after the start to be very clear nasal discharge with cramps, which lasted 2 days. Nearer my period started aching breasts completely. Was 3 days before my time because I started with spots that I saw, once dried, which lasted 3 days. The day of my period was due, I started bleeding pink blood mucus was too small closely with clots, red. I took a HPT days (after my time? Called) add life and is neg I have symptoms such as pain during pregnancy Brest gets worse and less energy and a lot of indigestion. I got pregnant 2 times before and yet it is still new to me. Symptoms such as not normal for me when my menstruation. I feed approximately 5 to 6 days. What is the chance that I may be pregnant?


KKup said...

Yes you can. The 14's) is usually the most fruitful (from the first day of the period.

But it could become pregnant almost immediately, the agency has the process ...

My wife had a month, exactly as described. It ended with a strange time, all the symptoms but not pregnant. She became pregnant while in the next month. Be careful if you do not try.

Wait a week if things do not calm down there, take another test.

Love! said...

It is possible that you are pregnant, yes.

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