Sunday, February 28, 2010

Practice Breastfeeding Husband Should I Lie To My Husband?

Should I lie to my husband? - practice breastfeeding husband

It is a sort of smaller version of my last question.

I am a mother of 3 children under 2 years. My twin brother of 21 months and my baby is 3 weeks. I stay home with them and I have absolutely no life outside of my children and I have no time for a life outside of them, because my husband works hard and does not work when in a group that practices, etc. In addition, He is not alone with our baby because I am breastfeeding and although he was able to pump and feed him a bottle, my husband feels when he does not want, dass He wants me.

In any case, here is the problem. I do not like in a group. I think it is too expensive and too much time away from our family. Our children are small andTime passes so quickly and have to do the rest of his life, these things, but now I feel like their free time should be spent with us. Do not get me wrong, I sometimes go, but this group is too long.

I am honest with him and tell him how I feel when I ask who seems upset. He wants me on the fact that you are in a group like. I can not change my feelings, but I can not lie. Should I lie and say I have my opinion on this?


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