Monday, February 22, 2010

What Is The Cost Of Tooth Whitening In Phuket Is Peroxide Safe For Tooth Whitening? Also, Best Professional Dental Whitening Procedure..?

Is peroxide safe for tooth whitening? Also, best professional dental whitening procedure..? - what is the cost of tooth whitening in phuket

Everybody says that the toothbrush in the bathroom of hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth while brushing your teeth, but not dangerous? It says on the bottle of poison, or whatever ... I mean, I know that he does not accidentally swallow, but some may fall. This type of usage, what they do at the dentist? Most whitening toothpastes will not like the teeth, because I have spots on the surface, which does not only have super white teeth. Is it safe and functioning, I can not afford professional teeth whitening at the moment. But if I May, what are the various options and how? Lazer Whitening is best?


--MeGaN~... said...

I was brushing my teeth, after I have mix peroxide and mouthwash (1 / 2 and 1 / 2) together, and after a couple of times, the white teeth and still nothing done for me .. . lol.

jordan said...

I think the peroxide is safe.
withbaking soda mix well. I am sure it is a poison. if anything to worry about your email. but not that for such things. It is a kind of Listerine.
but yes, it should go.
and I want to stay away from things lazer

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