Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Land Surveyor Can Make Money Has Any Subdivided Land? If So, How Do You Believe The Market Is Right Now?

Has any subdivided land? If so, how do you believe the market is right now? - how land surveyor can make money

Looking to buy a large parcel of land and is about 5 miles of some of these very large facilities. It is also only a few hours from a big city. I tried for 2 years and find it a good buy. There are no floodplains or wetlands, or conventions, I received estimates from an inspector, paver, a street in a tester for soil samples taken from each batch to ensure that they are creatable, a power company, I suddenly give an estimate. I'm pretty sure that I make some money to do very well, but my question is ... What are the opinions of others, the risky real estate and subdivision of the ideas, as is housing are immediately familiar?

I personally bought land two years ago sold at an attractive price and at affordable prices, so9, m, to know what some of these on a smaller scale.

Thank you for everything hoping for :-)



Califric... said...

You need to get to approve what this country under the territorial jurisdiction of the subdivision. This is usually done by a city or a planning commission in the county. Go to the counter in the Planning Department in your city or town government offices and let them know that you want to apply to a settlement (a lot split). You must pay a fee, and send your application to the planning authority. If the planning authority rejects your subdivision, the city council or county board complaint. In terms of timing, this is not the best time for real estate from the perspective of a seller to make, but if you buy land at low prices, you can assume the real estate market is to sell the return time to their lots.

Wonder said...

This is a good time to sell a rotten time to buy. Current forecasts that the market is turning RE begin in 2009. Probably in line with its timetable. She did not say if you are considering residential and commercial buildings. Maybe you can integrate.


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