Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Do I Get Money On My 3 Dongle How Can I Get Out Of This?? Im Desperate?

How can i get out of this?? im desperate? - how do i get money on my 3 dongle

In September this year, I went to PC world and got a subcontracting. For an HP laptop with mobile broadband from 18 months to 35 pounds a month .. I went home that a common date and tried to make it work. Wouldnt work on mobile broadband services. The laptop was in order. Two days later, I returned to the PC world in which he said the problem was not theres. Therefore, with phone 3 has enough support on the phone (€) 2.54 phone bill, I had to know where they told me to go into the store .. Not later than 3 Day I went to my local mall and took my laptop and adapter length. He said the problem was not theres, but the laptop was faulty. I went back and forth for a period of 2 months to pay for style, something that she could not use. At the end of the PC world, which I paid £ 40 Set of everything for me .. it would notWork and society would still not be responsible .. I had my laptop and not paid by my dongle to 3 are returned that they did not spend more money on someything I'm not use to be able to terminate the contract and asked to explain the above. I am a student working part time, can not afford that, Pat
Now they have passed me in the debt collectors. try to pay this money. Since I brought my own laptop and wireless broadband.
How can you ruin this contract without notice to my credit. I'm 21 and looking for a mortgage soon.

Please help


SimonC said...

I feel for you. PC World problem is that most of its sales representatives little about the products, who know they sell. All that matters is, to sales and get Commission. And then, when things go wrong, you try to hotlines, etc. transferred

They are for the purchase of two separate products of two different companies into an agreement. Neither company claims not to blame and other blame. However, gathered to sell a package. You have to solve how to solve problems if the package is not. One or two of them are legally obliged to ensure, in the framework of the law on the sale of goods and other legislation to ensure that the goods purchased, you have to work as expected.

My advice is to pay a cent more. Write onDebt recovery, which sold the products, not suitable for the purpose of notification in the Sale of Goods Act and will not be paid. Tell them if they want to do is advance still vehemently defend the legal action, and the disadvantages for the losses they suffered so far. I suspect that not go in practice so far.

Dee L said...

Pissy (PC) World are crap - we have had the same problems when buying a computer - but if an item is defective, then appeal to have the law of consumer protection - the contract with them if it's their problem.

I would be able to suggest a visit to the CAB office and a request to the Office of the rules of trade also give some valuable advice.

Paul C said...

You really need legal advice, try small claims court its very convenient to bring them to court and the judge for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is so small that they are close enough to be on the right side. take both to court. before they take

Jo W said...

According to the previous answer - with local Citizens Advice Bureau. They address precisely this kind of problem all the time. Your local telephone directory or in the library at the CAB data.

Good luck!

bigbigbi... said...

It appears that you have have to pay, I am trying to understand severe problems with 3 minutes (mobile safer) in any way just to see how we can lessons of life, concerned citizens advice, they know a pond?
But if a contract does not think there is much to do.
continue to pay the bill collectors call, but only costs or Get Silly

good luck mate

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