Friday, December 4, 2009

Snipe Sailboat Definition Can My 1995 Toyota Camry Tow A Snipe Sailboat?

Can my 1995 Toyota Camry tow a Snipe sailboat? - snipe sailboat definition

I have a 1995 Toyota Camry and I am thinking of purchasing a Snipe sailboat. I believe that the suspension can not bear the weight of the language, I think I'm just about the launch and recovery concerns.


yumm-o said...

I do not recommend it! Not the size of the Camry in 1995. You need a car that can pull more weight.

Texas said...

I'm not sure that the size and weight of the veil in particular. I suspect your car is over 200 pounds of tongue weight of the trailer and books around 1500-2000 and could handle pulling a boat up to about 16-18 m in length of daylight Sailer diversity.

But with a trailer pulled into the water, and a TA trying to tow up the ramp, the weight on the backward, non-wheel-drive transfer, and we should be very smooth to avoid any deviation in advance. It would be easier to pull a boat ramp with a RWD car.

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