Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brazilian Wax, Scotland How Much Should I Tip For A Brazilian Wax If I Have A Monthly Membership?

How much should I tip for a brazilian wax if I have a monthly membership? - brazilian wax, scotland

A salon in my area offers a monthly fee of $ 35 for this price you get 1 Brazilian wax every month ... Now it is much smaller than the normal price of a Brazilian for this kind of trick I go? (personal note, I work for tips, I would be a generous tipper!)


lEauFly said...

I tip around 15-20% from U.S. $ 35, or about $ 5 - $ 7 through the wax. 15-20% is my way of calculation that the turning point. You can always tip more if the person who gave his growth done an excellent job and was very professional and timely manner.

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