Thursday, December 3, 2009

Columbia 205 Em4095 Could I Get Into Columbia University With A 3.6 GPA?

Could I get into Columbia University with a 3.6 GPA? - columbia 205 em4095

My unweighted average is 3.6, but I take AP five classes this year and I'm in the top 5% of my class. I have many things outside the program, and I did not have the SA. My PSAT score was 205 ... I do not know if this helps ...

I hear Colombia is really hard on the average, and I wanted to see how I was able to follow students accepted. Thank you very much:)


Lux et Veritas et Veritas said...

Sa (guests) your GPA, is not it? If the SA can get at least to 2200, and at least a 3.7 GPA, I would say you have a decent shot. (If you can get the SA to 2300 or the GPA up to a 3.8-3.9, I would say that you have a good chance.)

Help AP classes, such as extracurricular activities. 1.2 Ensure you get leadership positions, at least in their extracurricular activities, if you want to enter into Colombia.

And of course, his teacher and rec-assay will be important too.

Joseph, II said...

It could happen if you continue to do so, and send a letter of good coverage. You will not miss the competition ...- but the chances are as good as anyone else. Thus, an attempt to have worth, and good luck! :)

reamay said...

Top of the Columbia University require that you obtain a weighted average of 3.0, if you are a full-time students, or do not want.

If you intend to go to Columbia University, visit the website ...

For more information. It helps a lot.

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