Friday, December 11, 2009

Phat Azz White Girls @ Megaupload Physicallly Addicted To Eating A Lot? How Do I Break This Habbit?

Physicallly addicted to eating a lot? how do I break this habbit? - phat azz white girls @ megaupload

Now I've tried sooo many things. Last month, I tried to diet but I can eat less. I mean the last months of his state as well. The day was fine and then later in the evening, I was soooo hungry I ate and break my diet. This is getting old, because I have grown now 2 pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight. The really difficult.

How can I stop eating when they are full. What would you recommend to do. What are good ways to not pay attention to your appetite. Expert weight loss can please help me !????

Thank you a bunch

I feel like a Phat Azz pig.


mikerad said...

Well, I know the pain .... But what I found start to eat more frequently ... like a handful of carrots or celery. They eat 3 meals, but also have small snacks throughout the day ... try for a week or two to see how you ...
and you should now have enough exercise.

♥Robin♥ said...

constantly look in the mirror and see what you do not like that you would like you to change. And if you stop at a magazine with skinny models sexy Victoria Secret you do eat. Or if you're a man, look at bodybuilding magazine. It works. But you have to really want it.

harrison j said...

I do this, but it's a good thing for me
just replace all French overseas departments, with low-carbohydrate foods such as salads, fruits, vegetables
enough food to eat such as U Want to, and exercise and weight u willl loose and as much as U Want

I'm the same way, but in tryin to save weight and hard to reach haha

SirLady said...

1. Try to eat more slowly, because it gives your brain to produce the substances that give food to stop the brain of contracts to more, so
2. Drink a lot.
3. Eat more fiber, because you the full
4. be more active and not sit
5. Avoid stress

♥ I'm the Mum ♥ said...

Well, that's a big problem for many people. Let's say if you need to lose weight, he should only eat lettuce and tomatoes - which lived about problems they have. You end up dying of hunger and eating ground subsidence, which is at hand!

Yes, it is necessary to select the amount you reduce eating, but gradual. I eat very well, but I eat the right thing. I hate the feeling of hunger, so you eat probably more than the "experts" recommended, but eating healthily. How much food as you would before take-off (change my lifestyle and I say instead of "regime", because if you want to keep the weight out there, there must be a way of life changed forever!), But use low fat versions of things - the cream instead of cream, low fat butter / margarine, skim milk and so on. Almost everything these days, some alternative fats for the food you usually eat with them!

More healthy snacks - not low-fat muffins low in sugar and eat when I want to do something "bad" I ate one orOSE. Fill in Rice cakes, carrot sticks, crisp bread - and every nibble on them when you're hungry. Drink lots of water - if you're hungry to go into the kitchen and a liter of water instead of food. Brush your teeth when you're hungry.

I will not lie and say that the first three weeks of my life have been difficult, because they were. I'm a chocoholic reform and there were moments where I was physically sick for the chocolate or the feeling that my stomach was completely empty. It was difficult. But when you get to eat for three weeks to garbage or chocolate, it begins to stop desired. I have a closet full of my favorites that never eat chocolate and have no desire! However want when you feel something, I do not deny yourself - but only half, or what would be normal and not feel guilty when you cheat. "After all, if you leave something, she not a joke, right? "If you try to start to see their weight change, there will be difficulties, believe me, I lost 40 pounds since February and I have never pTU that again. This is the first time a "diet" for me, and I think it's because I'm changing all the food process. Good luck - you can!

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