Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make Sinker Mold Can You Cast Lead In A Latex Mold?

Can you cast lead in a latex mold? - make sinker mold

I have to manage boards, as the new environment of the draw. I have some liquid latex hand. This is a form of latex? If I freeze first?


Grand Master Basser said...

Do not latex. It Silicones, which can pour molten lead, but the latex has a flash point is much lower in May and it exploded in his face.

Have you ever run into a cast aluminum shape with only the smallest of fat or oil in it? He POPs and particulate lead anywhere. Latex'm afraid to do the same, but much more.

To play it safe and buy an aluminum mold. Do not make molds for all types of lead.

AIRFLOW said...

The lead must be melted before they are done in pesos, but melt easily latex, you must, however, a molding material such as aluminum or other alloys, much higher melting point than lead.

Even if you begin to melt lead, be careful, because I burn very easily and burn not only skin, but a deep burn when the humidity in the amount of heat, their place in this world will bubble and spit.

winkydin... said...

Adam, I think your question is confusing, and I think that is correct gmbasser

Try to make liquid latex into a mold of lead?

The liquid latex you mention, is something that is not warming, is not it?

Otherwise, other posters are correct, the rubber melts when he tried to take some form of a lead weight with latex, then fill it with lead

Pure lead has a melting point of 621.5 degrees F.

Without a lesson, sucks my friend, but I think you should re-evaluate why you think so much unleaded. They are really hard to do too much

I work with lead, and I'm proof that my body is often a high level, I can not do my job. It accumulates in the body, and if levels too high, I have to stop him working.

It is, however, a metal, very dangerous to work with, relatively speaking. You can have a weight of tires do not suck all day long and painful.

Here is a link for the leadership, which is a bit dry, but read the part about what a poison

Josh said...

They are out in the wind. Do not spill in your garage.

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